Thursday, July 19, 2012


One of my favorite things this summer has been the chance to hang out with the coolest little kid you will ever meet.

Every Tuesday afternoon, the Munchkin and I got to play. We did so many fun things, not all of which I got pictures of.

He helped me take care of the chickens and pick up Bella's poop

We played games (Candyland and the Train game, both of which he beat me at)

We visited the zebra here in Draper.

We practiced calling Grandma on the pretend phone

We went to Seven Peaks.

We went to the splash park

We baked cookies (chocolate chip because...and I quote directly from him..."They are my favorite")
And also because "They are Brian's favorite"

And as a grand finale for our summer of fun, we went to the zoo.

He gave me the most perfect gift I could have ever imagined for my birthday, a bucket of kisses :)

I love this little guy more than I could ever imagine. He is so smart and so observant. He remembers things like you couldn't believe. He is always asking about Brian, but still is too shy to do a lot of talking in front of him. But in all reality, he is a blast to be with,

If you are suppose to love your own kids the most, I am in for a treat.


Erin said...

The best part of my summer was hanging out with a munchkin too! Totally agree with being in for a treat when we have our own kids. Although sometimes I get a little nervous because the munchkin I played with this summer is super adorable and I hope my kids are equally as adorable.

Nicole said...

You are a great Aunt, Emily!